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World without color March 14, 2008

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Now that I’ve gotten the first post out of the way, on to more illustration.

I feel like I’ve been suffering from some sort of artistic amnesia when it comes
to me drawing and creating art by hand, as I have gotten so tied to technology.

I had forgotten, for example, how when I draw or paint, there is nothing else in the world. Whatever I am focused on at that moment, is all that exists for me. The lemons below — I had a totally clear mind drawing those because I was so focused on getting the shape just right. I’m really loving this renewed love affair with drawing & painting.

I’ve often wondered what non-artistic people do to center themselves and get away from their mind ramblings. Is it drinking? drugs? Intense expensive therapists? Are they the people that buy all those Hummels on the home shopping networks? I wonder about that like I wonder about those strange people who aren’t affected by music. How do they get through life without all those great songs running through their heads – or songs to relate to when life gets hard?

I can’t imagine my life without art for the ear or the eye… because, to me, it would be like a world without color.


3 Responses to “World without color”

  1. poprockcandy Says:

    I Knew someone who had no regard for art, or she so thought. She was an accountant. She was not of the artistic mind-set, but she was an active gardener and enjoyed flowers, etc. So, in essence, she was an artist and enjoyed beauty whether she realized it or not.

    Happy Birthday!

  2. missbethd Says:

    see, art is everywhere – nature is the best expression of true art that there is.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes – your buddies in Blind Melon are playing the Cannery tonight! Can’t believe you’re not in town…

  3. Tracey Says:

    Your blog is great!

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