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Shoes, as art March 19, 2008

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Tap Shoes

There’s a popular school of thought that all women are obsessed with footwear.
And actually, I know quite a few females that have a collection of shoes that would make even Imelda Marcos jealous. I am probably one of those people, merely for the fact that I have more shoes than my closet can hold – however, I don’t consider it a fetish – my purse collection is actually more expansive.

My fascination with shoes is a bit different than most. I have always found the shape of shoes and their designs to be more along the lines of a piece of sculpture. Don’t believe me? Check out the footwear of Salvatore Ferragamo or the ever popular Manolo Blahnik, popularized by Carrie Bradshaw of “Sex and the City” — even the most drab of outfit can be jazzed up by a pair of stop in your tracks stilettos. Shoes can be formal or merely utilitarian.

Which leads me to my latest illustration: tap shoes. I’ve always found beauty in the cast off items of artists — whether it is used film canisters, paint spattered paintbrushes or a worn out pair of ballet or tap shoes. The fact that these everyday items are used and abused tells a story of the life they have helped their owner live.

A tossed out pair of tapshoes might not get a second look from some, but to me, they are a worthy subject of illustration.


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