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Flickr is my new crack April 4, 2008

This past Christmas, I received a digital camera as a gift. It’s just a point and shoot, but I’ve fallen in love all over again with photography. I find myself taking photos of all sorts of things, and carry my camera everywhere to document everyday stuff that I encounter.

A friend had told me about Flickr years ago. And I thought it was cool and all that, but prior to owning a digital camera, I had no use for it.

Things have changed.

I am completely addicted. When I’m taking photos now, I can’t wait to get home to upload the photos — and can spend hours labeling, geotagging and adding them to sets. I’m an organizational person anyway, but this taps into a whole new side of the obsessive compulsive nature of mine to document and itemize.

The other great thing I’ve found about Flickr is that I can view art from all over the world – there are so many amazingly talented people out there, creating art for art’s sake. Photographers, graphic designers, even people who just do the artwork as a hobby. And it’s super exciting to me when I get a comment from someone on a photo or an illustration from all the way around the world. I really dig the sense of community that Flickr has brought to me. I’ve found myself at times completely devoid of any artistic creativity – a case of “design block” – and I login to Flickr and I’m suddenly cured and inspired to create again.

Finally, I love Flickr because I am able to safely stash away my photos. I watched a childhood friend’s home burn a few years ago. And I remember her saying at some point “I have no photos of me as a baby now – they are gone” — that really hit home with me. I don’t ever want to be that person, who loses memories forever. In an age where we rely on technology, it’s good to have a failsafe when it comes to archiving photos. Most people, when asked the question “what would you save in a fire”, always say “photo albums.” I’ve also known 3 people in the past 6 months to have their hard drives crap out on them. One, in a complete panic, popped in on my iChat asking me “what do i do?” — he thought he had lost ALL of his travel photos from 3 or more trips to Europe. And a company wanted $800+ to retrieve them. Flickr is the perfect solution.

Back up your stuff, people.


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