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History, through my parents eyes… April 6, 2008

Regarding my last post, about Flickr, and photos and how they should be archived — I’ve hounded my Mom for years about giving me the reigns of the family photos to scan and archive. At first it was for my own selfish reasons… then I watched a tragedy of a family home burn.

I hit her with the “what if this house burns, like so and so’s did… what then? where are MY memories…what will I show MY children?” That worked magic. I got access to a lot of old photos from my mother as a baby as well as her childhood – she was born in 1940 if that gives you any indication of how old these photos are. She even threw in the only two existing photos of my maternal grandmother as a baby – my grandmother was born in 1919.

Anyway, so I’m sitting here tonight, scanning and geeking out with my parents wedding registry book – circa 1970 – and in the box, in the back, buried beneath mounds of newspaper clippings of the wedding announcements, I found some negatives. These were really light… very faint. I held them up to the window here in my office and couldn’t make out what the subject matter was… at first. Then I realized what it was.

In 1969, July actually, man landed on the moon. And not having VCRs at that time, the only way to capture the event was to take a photo of the television with the camera. That’s what the negatives were – the moon landing as my parents watched and photographed it as they were dating.

I know I initially said this was a blog about design, but this is the moon landing, as seen through my parent’s eyes… as they were dating. I find that super amazing. And I thought I would share.

Click the photo for a better view.

Man lands on the Mooon


One Response to “History, through my parents eyes…”

  1. That’s pretty amazing! Wow…probably one of the cooler things I’ve seen–photos of people, your parents, watching man landing on the Moon. Thanks for sharing that!

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