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Jim Parkinson April 23, 2008

I am a font fanatic. I haven’t counted recently, but I’d venture to guess that I have over 7,000 fonts sitting here on the hard drive. They seriously need to be organized, but that can take weeks. I find myself lost in organization of fonts – and then they’re organized and I think of a better way that I could place them in folders to find them quickly.

I spend a lot of time playing “identify the font” on the rare occasion I watch television. I do it when I drive down the road, look at magazines and the ads within — I guess I’m obsessed.

So this email just landed in my inbox. An interview with Jim Parkinson – you might not know the name, but you know his work – the logo for Rolling Stone magazine, Ringling Bros & Barnum and Bailey Circus being two of the most famous.

Article & interview with JP here


2 Responses to “Jim Parkinson”

  1. Jeff Clark Says:

    Have you ever noticed the font on the plates at the Waffle House? It’s what I like to call “scary Halloween font.” It’s really weird….

  2. missbethd Says:

    Nope, haven’t noticed that… too mesmerized by my scattered, covered, covered, diced & chunked hashbrowns…. mmmmm, Waffle House.

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