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Jack or Locke re: Opportunity? May 14, 2008

I have had a rather eventful week so far and it’s only Tuesday.

I have four projects on my desk currently – and I’m chipping away little by little at each one. One is a large project that encompasses a logo, press kits, and other collateral materials for a female music trio. The second is a newsletter for a local neighborhood. The third is a grouping of logos that include the master logo and three logos that fall under the master logo umbrella of an organization that focuses energy on the rescue of animals. The fourth is a project from a former employer, a project I am not at liberty to talk about as it’s only in planning stages.

Each, to me, are equally important clients and above all else are they encompass the loveliest four groups of people I’ve ever experienced working with in my professional life.

Here comes the sticky part: I had a pow-wow this morning in which I was offered a professional opportunity that is awfully tempting. The money and benefits are tantalizing. The employer, I find to be a good human being and a very smart person with a very solid business acumen. I respect the person very much that is offering this opportunity to me. and very flattered that I was the first person thought of and offered the position.

But, there is the “BUT”

For four years I’ve sat here on my own, at home at a computer, chipping away at the hopes and dreams of what I imagined when I first started out on this journey as a freelance graphic designer, I never, EVER entertained some fallacy that I would ever become independently wealthy as a graphic artist/art director. I do what I do because I find great joy in sitting at a computer with only my brain translating what flows around within my neural cortex toward a keypad that converts my ideas into ones and zeros where the magic happens.

The gig I was approached to take on is not really a creative endeavor. It’s actually a production job. And the money is good as well as the benefits that are attached. But in the four years of sitting in my own home, enjoying a barefoot commute from my bedroom down the hall, I’ve become rather spoiled. And in this time where I have had so many joys I’ve experienced very lean times – but I’ve filled those “oh shit, my phone isn’t ringing” moments with “oh, I can document these photographs of my life” or “iMovie — let’s explore this” — and in teaching myself new things I’ve rediscovered a whole new side of myself where I have an insatiable curiosity when it comes to the avenues of art and technology intersecting.

So, dear readers… the question is this: when you are offered a tantalizing opportunity but you know that your soul whispers to you otherwise… what do you do?

Do I play it safe and go for the money (Jack, in LOST)

— OR —

Do I follow my soul and dreams and take the path less taken and have faith? (Locke, in LOST)


One Response to “Jack or Locke re: Opportunity?”

  1. brecca Says:

    Are you kidding me?? Jack is hot, BUT Locke has waaaaay more fun! I say keep it your way, and stay free!

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