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What to do… and how to decide May 15, 2008

This week I’ve had to make a tough decision on some work related stuff.

By some sort of synchronicity or serendipity, I stumbled across this blog link at “Hit The Back Button To Move Forward” via Music City Bloggers.

I have the same problem with saying “Yes” too often. And I’ve realized that I have issues when it comes to the need to please or not wanting to disappoint someone. That seems to be a trait that many women feel and it invades so many aspects of our lives – and I found it refreshing to hear a male say that it isn’t a gender specific handicap. I don’t know about everyone else but, for me, when I take on a task because of these feelings or a feeling of obligation, I almost always regret it.

I found the questions at the related link very helpful and find them to be worth repeating:
• am I actually passionate about this?
• does this give a benefit of is it an act of grace
• who/what does it take away from?
• am I actually a good person for this, or am I just the only person the asking person knows? and do I know someone else who would better be suited?

My own major question for myself is always “will this be an opportunity for me to grow as a person/artist or will I feel stifled?” That’s a major point of steering me in the right direction.

Strange enough, in my latest decision making process, I had run each of those questions around in my mind quite a bit. I think I’m going to print those out and refer to them often. Because those four simple questions are great guidelines & seem to really get to the heart of the matter when it comes to “which road do I take?”


3 Responses to “What to do… and how to decide”

  1. brecca Says:

    well . . . those are about the best questions you can ask yourself. Do you have any answers yet??

    I am wondering if you are really passionate about production? I mean maybe you are . . . I can be if it’s creative production, like film/video production which is TOOOOOTALLY different from print . . . print production might as well put me to sleep with spread sheets and numbers.

  2. missbethd Says:

    I am SO NOT PASSIONANATE about print production work. I have zero interest in being a computer monkey.

  3. Matt Mikulla Says:

    Put your foot down girl.

    Appeasement is rarely a beneficial solution.

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