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I haven’t posted in a while, but I’m alive May 29, 2008

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I haven’t posted in a while as spring has sprung and summer is on the way.
I confess, I have a terrible case of spring fever and have taken every opportunity I can to get away from the computer. I’ve kept myself rather busy with two projects I am completely passionate about – that is when I’m not tied to the computer:

(1) working in the yard – I have had a nice flowerbed out front since I’ve lived here, but this year decided I wanted to expand it and that’s just what I did. I now have rose campion, hollyhocks, Moulin Rouge (red) sunflowers, moonflowers, sweet pea, day lily, zinnia, iris, asian iris and 2 mystery plants that I was generously given. I’ve always wanted a real herb garden too – so I made that dream a reality this year with basil, chives, mint, lemon balm, bee balm and oregano. There is nothing quite like walking out the door, clipping fresh herbs from the yard and cooking with them!

I have a dear friend who is a landscape architect and I’ve really come to appreciate the skill it takes to keep each plant straight, it’s individual needs and what looks good next to what. I guess if this graphic design thing goes by the wayside, I’ll at least be a glorified gardener of some sort – I’ve extensively enjoyed the challenge of designing this garden – with the help of a neighbor – and it’s really been amazing to get outside on a big canvas and create something beautiful with a palette of plants. I dig it, pun intended.

(2) My second project is one I’ve been dying to start for a while. Being a child of the 1970’s, the majority of my childhood photos are documented on slides. This year, I finally got my hands on them and am in the process of scanning them in and saving them to a hard drive. I have this massive fear that something horrible (fire) might happen and all those memories would be lost forever.

I have 15 boxes containing slide trays sitting here behind me in my office – I’ve scanned in one full box so far. That took me a whole afternoon on a rainy day. But I know the task and the time spent will be worth it. My eventual dream is to make DVDs of them and distribute them to my family and put an extra copy in the lockbox at the bank.

Yes, I’m anal retentive.

Anyway, I’m alive. I’m either digging in the dirt, admiring the garden, harvesting seeds for next year or scanning in and documenting photos. Not too terribly exciting, but it saves money from going out and I have goals that will be finished by at least winter time.

Enjoy the summer!


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