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Whoa… July 22, 2008

I was watching Jimmy Kimmel last night and the musical guest was Def Leppard.

I’ve had two separate conversations in the past two weeks regarding Def Leppard – one that they’re coming to town and did I want to go to the concert (no, I don’t need to spend money reliving my youth) and another conversation was that opting out of the concert was probably a good call, because why taint those memories.

So, I was watching Kimmell and their set comes on and as I sat there watching, something was familiar.

Joe Elliott is morphing into Billy Ray Cyrus.


6 Responses to “Whoa…”

  1. “Country Cool” is the new look I guess. Look for a wicked-worn website redesign coming down the pipe.

  2. missbethd Says:

    Matt, I admire your ability to not only comment on the photo at hand, but to plug your work as well. Well played.

    I anxiously await the website.

  3. I am coming out with a new website soon but I wasn’t talking about that. It will not be wicked-worn.

    The “Country Cool” look is everywhere in the Country Music scene from t-shirts (above photograph) to websites. It also has carried over to CMT graphics.

    The “wicked-worn” look was a fashionable style in design around 2004. It disappeared with the rise of glossy web 2.0 stuff, which will also disappear soon.

    What will be next? Not sure.

    Cheers BethD.

  4. missbethd Says:

    ah, so the look has a name — I didn’t know that… good to know…

    Yeah, I know it’s everywhere – and I’m over people requesting me to copy it… thus is the life though…

  5. -B- Says:

    Please update me on the laterality of Belmont chiggers.

    And I thank you.

  6. missbethd Says:

    Bradley, my chigger bites have chigger bites… it’s hell.

    I’ll see your rhinovirus, & raise you 10 chigger bites…

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