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Why I love my job – #24,563 August 5, 2008

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Ok, well actually there are lots of reasons – and granted, there are some days I want to pull a George Costanza and sleep under the desk… But today was one of those days that was a “oh yeah, this is nice… I dig this”

I have a new project – helmed by two clients. I had a dinner meeting* with both of them earlier tonight – I had met one of them on several prior occasions, but this was the first face to face meeting with the other.

I don’t know if this is something other people have experienced, and I imagine it is, but this was one of those rare moments where I have met someone and just clicked. I instantly liked the person immensely (the one I had not previously met) and got super excited about the work to be done. We talked like old friends and just really got on amazingly well. We talked about the project, but then moved on to conversations about dating, men, Nashville and it’s quirks, the common people we know, what restaurants we enjoy frequenting, hobbies as well as fun stuff to do in town.

I live for this kind of thing.

I really have to say, I am so super-freaking blessed, sometimes I pinch myself.

*I also indulged in a mouth-watering steak dinner.


2 Responses to “Why I love my job – #24,563”

  1. bradley Says:

    I will never accuse you of solipsism or misanthropy.

  2. missbethd Says:

    well, that’s a relief

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