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Freelance Graphic Designers in a Wonky Economy November 16, 2008

If you’re a freelance graphic designer, or a freelancer in general, do yourself a favor, and read this


One Response to “Freelance Graphic Designers in a Wonky Economy”

  1. Good find Beth! Love Andy’s blog. I love the line: “we’re entering primetime for agile and opportunistic squirrels, as the larger beasts lumber and sputter along.” That’s exactly where our heads are as we shift into turbo planning mode. We’ve got a full day strategy session next week to bring in bigger brains to figure out how to best navigate the coming year as a “small” agency. My contribution to the scary economic headlines for my peers is this: remember who you are. Let your faith in your skill trump fear. Spend your time solving problems for clients, not pacing or flinching. Do what you do best. Over serve and over communicate with your clients and just when you sense you are giving too much, give a little more. That will set the savvy freelancer apart and is what is carrying our firm during this tenuous time. Oh can’t forget — let’s pull each other into the circle whenever possible and share opportunities. We will when we can! 🙂

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