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Misconception A: “Graphic Design is easy and not much work” November 18, 2008

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Truth: I just finished my 13th hour of design for the day. You have got to love this gig to do it. Fortunately, I love it. The time has flown… I feel like I just sat down 3 hours ago and am amazed at what I’ve managed to accomplish. I love days like today. I live for them, when everything just clicks!

The newsletter I’ve worked on all day is almost done. Tomorrow, I resume the next project – a companion piece to a holiday event here in town. I’ve already put in about 3 days of work on that project. Mainly, the time has been spent on organization and other housekeeping items. Making a list and checking it twice types of things. T’is the season. I’ll post more about that project in the future. I experienced a bit of design block over the weekend when I was trying to come up with something. I cured that by getting out and socializing on Saturday & Sunday – which has been few and far between in my life in the past few months. That seems to always do the trick – get away from the computer and let the mind play. While out I got to hang with a lot of friends that happen to be in the design and photography field. There’s no escape! (ha!)

In other news, I have a meeting tomorrow that I think will be interesting. The meeting is in the morning & I’m so NOT a morning person either. The meeting involves coffee, so there’s hope that I’ll have some comprehension when the caffeine kicks in. The cool thing is, I’ll be on the other side of the table from which I am accustomed. I kind of dig that, a full circle kind of moment.


2 Responses to “Misconception A: “Graphic Design is easy and not much work””

  1. dolphin Says:

    That’s one reason I dislike the concept of “talent.” While I think that there are clearly people who have a natural inclination towards one thing or another, too often (particularly in the arts), there’s this notion (from people NOT in the arts), that “talent” does all the work. That if you’re “talented” then it’s easy, because you don’t have to think about it, it just comes naturally to you.

    Yet I’ve never met anybody, in any field, who was successful based on talent without hard work, yet I’ve met many people who freely admit to lacking talent, who have been successful in their fields with nothing but hard work.

  2. missbethd Says:

    You’re absolutely right — “talent” doesn’t do all the work. It’s not fairy dust that magically makes a project materialize before ones eyes.

    What is that old saying?? — something like “luck = preparation + opportunity”

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