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Seven Random Things December 4, 2008

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Newscoma tagged me with a seven random & weird things about myself meme this morning. I’m only half awake and have had one sip of coffee at this point, so don’t judge too harshly.

1. I am a site specific neat freak. The den and dining area of my house
must be clean. I can’t sleep at night if it’s not. But, my bedroom looks like a Gap
exploded and it doesn’t bother me.

2. I can throw a golf ball with my toes

3. I don’t like making left turns in a car and will go out of my way not to make them.

4. I have three legitimate fears: serial killers (although I am fascinated by them), abduction by aliens, and spiders

5. If I could have done anything else job-wise, I would have been an archaeologist I could sit and dig in the dirt for days. Also, dirt doesn’t tell you how to do your job. I can get on board with that.

6. I own over 40 purses. This was becoming a serious problem, but I’ve gotten a handle on it in the past 2 years.

7. My family tree resembles a kudzu vine & I’ve got a wacky cast of characters in my past. Due to four families living in one community for years, it’s a complete mess. For example, my Grandmother’s niece is also her sister in law. I also had two great great aunts that lived together their whole lives & died the same day, one in the morning, the other in the evening. I’m also the 6th great granddaughter of a Creek Indian Chief, although you can’t tell by looking at me. The pasty white Irish characteristics of my ancestry took over in that area. Oh, and the Creek Indian Chief’s father was named Mad Dog — a tidbit of family history of which gives me glee.

Ok, so I have to tag people: Aunt B, dolphin, Mr. Wage


5 Responses to “Seven Random Things”

  1. […] seven weird things do you people not already know about me?!  Do you not read me?  But if both Beth and Jim are telling me to come up with some, dang it, I’ll come up with […]

  2. jim voorhies Says:

    my wife’s family tree resembles a corkscrew willow but there’s no mad dog, sadly.

  3. jim voorhies Says:

    heh. i also hit dolphin.

  4. missbethd Says:


    how my family danced around marrying their own families is a skill I will never know… but somehow they did it.

    Having a Mad Dog is a source of great pride… Seriously.

    As for tagging like people, great minds think alike!

  5. […] been tagged twice by the “7 Random (and hopefully weird) Thing About You” meme; once by Beth, and once by jim. I’ll try not to repeat any of the things I said when this meme came around […]

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