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2008 – My Favorite Things December 20, 2008

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Oprah does this list every year, but who can afford that stuff? Here’s my list of favorite things for 2008:

1. White V Neck Hanes t-shirts
I live in these things. Three to a pack at Target for like $9. And when they get dingy, I cut them up and use them for dust rags.

2. Consignment stores
I didn’t just get thrifty when the economy tanked. I’ve been thrifty for years. I got a pair of BeBe jeans (normally $200) for $10 a few years ago. And yesterday got a pair of Abercrombie and Fitch jeans for $6. I also got a rad pair of pants for $3. Merry Christmas to me. There is absolutely no reason to buy name brand clothes at name brand prices

3. Heated afghan
Ok, it’s really not an afghan. It’s a mini electric blanket type thing. My house is old and drafty and I freeze. I got one of these as a gift from my Mom a few months back. She works in a nursing home and these are a staple with elderly people, as they are generally cold natured as they age. Most nights you can find me on the sofa under mine, with it cranked up to at least medium.

4. Pabst Blue Ribbon
$7.50 a half case. Need I say more?

5. Scarves
In addition to providing warmth, they’re a great way to dress up my uniform of white v-neck t-shirts with jeans. I got one at Steinmart for $6 and another one for $4 at Platos Closet, a local store that sells pre-loved clothing. I love them!

6. The One Dish meal
Cooking for one person can be a buzzkill. I’m a big fan of cooking a big pot of something and eating on it for a day or three. I found this website recently and it’s got tons of options. I”m also a big fan of casseroles, so this is like a goldmine for food ideas. One dish meals are also very economical as well.

7. Mad Men
If you haven’t seen this series on AMC, set in the 1960’s world of advertising, you’re missing out. I don’t have cable, so I had to Netflix it. But it’s worth the wait.

8. Book – “The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight” by Thom Hartman
I was lent this book by a friend and am halfway through it, but wow, what an eyeopener. I encourage everyone to give this one a read.

9. Seed/Plant Swapping
There is no reason really to buy plants for your yard. I planted a lot of great things last year in my flowerbeds and all the plants were free. I planted hollyhock, cannas, wildflowers, red sunflowers, and a few mole plants last year – all were given to me by friends or neighbors. Check in with people you know that have plants that you like – most are willing to either give you cuttings or seeds.


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